when Shahid is in India taking after 6 years a similar match is showed up. Regardless there is a significant measure of inconvenience finding a match amidst India and Pakistan in which Pakistan truly wins.Rasika enters her classroom with Bajrangi however the slate is starting at now animated with a drawing.


Number plates of vehicles don’t take after the number arrangement of that time (Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!)In the film, Sardar ji’s taxi and Japanese dental pro’s auto have number plates involving three digits. Then again, in the midst of the period between 1939 to 1947, only 2 letter and 4 number arrangement was followed in India.Notices of unreleased movies appear.

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  2. Picking mistake form larger movies is fine.. but what about the content you published ? Don’t you at least use MS Word ? So many punctuation errors. Shame.

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