Most of the women assume that men solely hunt for physical look. But, the items men hunt for in ladies isn’t extremely the great appearance and figure. though physical look is that the very first thing they notice, however once it involves stepping into a heavy relationship, beauty don’t extremely matter. Here we’ve listed the items all men look in ladies. Ladies, it’s time for you to seek out the key to a man’s heart.

1. Trustworthy 

This point doesn’t really need to get expand as we all know how important it is for every relationship. We will always compliment you that how beautiful you look but we don’t care much about looks. Trust is very important when you guys are ready in settling down. Always remember one thing, you can almost do anything but never cheat on your partner. It’s the end of a relationship.


2. Spontaneous

This is one of the things men look for in their partners. Ability to go with the flow and showing off the spontaneous side can make a man happy.


3. Affection

Everything for men starts with touch. Showing affection to men is a very warm and welcoming nature. Kiss your man randomly, hold his hands, he will surely like it. The feeling of being wanted and loved are the things men look in a relationship.


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