After the much popular PM election the people of India are waiting for a new ers to come. after BJP’s fabulous win in the most amazing poltical acheivements of India, U.P. Youths seek a “Prosperous nation” and thus, they’re depending on Modi for this.

In the midst of this, we have a splendid Twitter conversation between the PM and his ardent follower. Modi is very dynamic on Twitter nowadays and always remembers to give heavenly answers. You will be shocked to see their conversation and will have a totally new perception about him after this!

His follower Ajeet Singh took to Twitter to express that he is so upbeat to see Modi working for India. Somebody approached Ajeet Singh on the off chance that he works for Modi, to which he answered that it’s not him who is working for the PM, but rather the PM is working for him (Indian resident). We as a whole know how committed Narendra Modi is with regards to residents of the nation.

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