You must be wondering how can music ruin your childhood so let me just explain it to you. When I was a kid and screwed up stuff here and there or did something wrong or made my parents angry and got a scolding, I was a cranking kid so I would just start crying really easy and as soon as I started crying it would strike my mind like uh! I’m crying, I have like legit tears so why not in act my favorite sad song. So what I did was go to my room, lock the door, sit in front of the mirror and act the song that was trending at that time, the saddest, the heartbreak song and I used to find pleasure in it. It was like since I’m already crying and you and I both know that we are going to do the same mistake again and again so why not just use the tears and do something productive out of it! There are times when I’m upset and listening to sad songs and get in a mood like why not do a few acting sessions.

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