If you have a mark of ‘X’ in your hands then this secret is hidden behind it!


Beginning reading the line of hands:

Historians believe that this knowledge of reading palm has originated from India. After this it spread to other countries like China, Tibet, Egypt and Persia, Europe. Anxagoras of Greece, who lived in the Indian subcontinent during his time, shared what he had learned about handicraft knowledge, he shared with Hermes.


The ‘X’ in the palm:

According to Egyptian scholars, signs of ‘X’ were seen in the hands of Alexander the Great. Apart from the palm of Alexander, this sign was hardly found in the palm of someone. It is estimated that only 3 percent of the world’s people can find this sign in their hands. Recently, a research was conducted on the origins of the ‘X’ line being found in the palm at the University of Moscow and the connection between the fate of these lines. A paper was drawn on the relationship between the person and the lines of his palm.

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