Geeta Vidya is a kind of science in which in many ways the future of man is said and it is considered in many ways also as authentic. Astrology also has its own importance. Astrology is predicted on the basis of the palm structure and the lines found in it.


In the Hathrhekka reading, the astrologers believe that the left hand and the left hand lines of the woman are seen. You may have seen your horoscopes several times on some astrologer and you must have noticed that there are many lines and many types of marks on your palm and astrology tells you things after seeing them. There will be a lot of questions in your mind related to this. Let us know about some of the unknown facts related to the handlines-


What is Hands Lines:

Based on the ancient knowledge of palmistry, the lines of palm show the subject of personality and future prospects such as career, life, marriage, wealth and health.

The roots of astrology are associated with the Indian background. According to various scriptures in this art, many thousand years ago Hindu Rishi Valmiki composed a volume containing 567 verses.

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