Content Manual

❖ Story Structure:

Title: Title is the USP of your story. Title should be short (10­15 words), meaningful and interesting. Don’t forget to include main keywords. First letter of the words in title should be capital.

Thumbnail: Thumbnail or cover image should be uploaded separately. If you want to use any uploaded image as the thumbnail, upload it twice. Make sure the thumbnail is the best among all the pictures and it must be clickable. The size of the thumbnail must be 754*396. If needed, make collage using two or three images. You can use tools like to make collage. Don’t use image that includes any logo or watermark. And nude images are not allowed.

Description: It should be either in first person or second person, short (minimum 350 words), contextual and straight to the point. Try to be as interesting and funny as possible. Description should be in form of a story/interaction/conversation. Avoid theoretical description. Express your whole story in one tense. Use proper keywords as much as possible. You are not allowed to make any grammatical and spelling errors. Read your script twice once you write it. Strict NO to copy paste.

SEO: You must add high value keywords in title, description and captions. You must interlink other NAT stories in between the description wherever possible (max 2­3 interlinks).

Tags:  Mention at least 5 proper keywords of the story in this section.

Category:  Choose proper category according to the theme of your story. If you are in doubt, feel free to ask.

Images: Always use (at least 10­12) high quality images. Don’t use nude or semi­nude images and images that provoke violence. Story less than 8 images will be not accepted. Size of images should not be less that 600*400. Images must be uniformly bigger. Avoid using images that include any logo. Write a witty one liner caption. Including proper keywords in first and last caption will help your stories rank on Google. Add description of images wherever necessary. Click here to know more.

Video:  If your story demands video, add YouTube or Facebook video url in ‘’add video’’ section. If your story is based on any video, take out at least 7 snapshots from the video to use them in the story.

Source and Courtesy: You must mention the image sources and give due courtesy to the originator of content. Mention proper url of images. Always prefer primary image sources. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube etc. are the primary sources. Proof­reading is mandatory before publishing. Feel free to ask if you have any doubt. Click here to know more about how to create a story on NAT.

You must abide by the following content guidelines :

a. Your story should be funny, interesting and do remember that it is being created for entertainment and fun. It is not a blog. Don’t be theoretical and try to use slang and colloquialism as much as possible.

b.Create meaningful, short and interesting titles.

c. Description should be in either first person or second person, short (300­500 words), contextual and straight to the point.

d. Avoid any type of material that can be misconstrued as mean, hateful, spiteful towards any group or religion. Also misogynistic words and slurs are not tolerated, regardless of context.

e. Try to write the description as a story/interaction/conversation. Story has to be instant, it should come based on the current context and situation.

f.The content should be original and never published elsewhere. We hate copycats!

g. Always use High Quality images, respect the copyrights and give due credits to the author in source section.

h. Try to use at least 15­20 images and put most relevant image as cover image.

i.A thorough research must be done on the topic before writing about it. The content must be written by a native person, someone who knows and understands the topic closely.

j.Double check your photographs, they should be in the context of the story.

k. Always use short, interesting captions for images and provide details about image in the description.

l. Plan your stories one week in advance according to world event and observances only then they will be approved.

m. Avoid posting pornographic, warez, spam or illegal content. You may be banned from NAT for doing that.

n. If you want to promote your work in the story, you can add your bio in the description and provide links to your website and social media profiles.

* Share your story on your social media profiles. Share and let your friends and family know!