10 Billionaires You Never Knew Dropped Out of College!

The billionaire is a word which attracts the attention of all and fills enthusiasm in most to know about them. It’s not a new phenomenon that people leave their studies to turn their dreams into reality. The world has a long list of different personalities, who did remarkable works in their

10 Extremely Strange Things You Have Never Seen Or Imagined Before!

1.Spotted Lake, a sacred place of healing Spotted Lake is a salty internal drainage water body (endorheic) alkali water body situated in British Columbia, Canada. The lake is very rich in sodium sulphate, calcium, magnesium sulphate etc.     2.Sea of stars, glowing blue waves The wave on the beach has a blue shine that

Checkout How To Avoid Getting Friendzoned

Avoid Getting Friendzoned

#1. Take time and then make the choice If you have  recently begun dating each other and want to avoid getting friendzoned take as much time as is needed and become more acquainted with her. Getting excessively pushy too soon can reverse the actions. She will feel that she needs to friendzone you without