7.Useless Strollers.

These are usually the people who have been designated drivers who have absolutely no interest in shopping. So every time they are there once in a while when you are at the supermarket, you will always find this one kind of person!

8.Mad parents and the crying kids.

When you take your kids to a place where you have a numerous number of items around them which they could play with, tear or break, don’t take them there because then they are going to cry and then they gonna want everything that the market owns and you are not going to buy it for them. So so why just get into the whole drama and why just disturb every living person around you..huh! Why just not leave them at home. Just try it, yes! Tell me you have seen it every time when you go to a supermarket, a kid crying because he wants something and his parents saying the same old line to them every time ‘ I’m not going to bring you here again, you don’t listen to me  I’m going to leave you home next time’. Just do it!

9.Trolley Stunts men.

You know one of those times when you reach a supermarket really late and it’s kind of closing time and they are getting families out but there is gonna be 2-3 super stubborn Indian families just like mine who just won’t go out and we stay shopping. That’s when the store is kind of empty and nobody is judging you and whoa it’s an amazing ride I have on the trolley, tell me please we all do that?! NO? Haha, me neither!

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