4.The Roller Kids.

I have a feeling that every time kids don’t want to come to the supermarket, parents bribe them with extra packets of biscuits and a ride on the trolley. Hello.. those things are not meant to do this, please.!

5.Announce It All.

You see there is a reason why people travel in the group just because you get time to discuss the stuff you wanna buy the stuff you don’t wanna buy. You don’t want the whole supermarket to know what you are buying so every now and then there will be this one family in the market who sounds something like this ‘ I’m taking tea, you take chana daal..half kg chana daal!’ Believe me, there is a special place for you people in hell! It’s a talent to ruin the already ruined experience in a supermarket.

6.The Worthless Salesmen.

Look! I absolutely respect your job as a salesman but you know can you not just be you for some time? Every time I walk into the supermarket there is always gonna be this irritating conversation I have with each and every salesman who are urging me to buy something I don’t need. I have already done that, I have a lot of stuff in my trolley that I don’t need but they won’t back off!

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