1.The Trolley Scanners.

As the name itself explains these kinds of people are way more interested in knowing exactly how many packets of biscuits and how many packets of noodles you have in your trolley more that who is stealing stuff from theirs. These people will scan each of the things kept in your trolley and make faces as if they are going to pay for it!


2.Bruise Almighty.

These are the kind of people who have no sense of directions, no sense of control over their trolley. I mean hello, it’s no F1 car, it’s a freaking trolley, hold it that’s all you have gotta do. If you know it has little tiny wheels below which can bruise people if you kind of ride it over their feet. Would you please take care..please!!


3.The Lost Causes.

I don’t get it why do you come to the supermarket when you have to get lost, why don’t you get lost elsewhere where you know about the other human beings. How difficult it is?! Each section of Cereal boxes, shampoos, exit..its really easy. And of course these are the people responsible for interrupting the one song that the store radio played right by something like this ‘ Mrs. Kulkarni is looking for her son at the information desk, if you see a boy wearing orange T- shirt named Rohan send him to information desk please!’ and then the song ends!! Uggghhhh!

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