• A Perfect Relationship is Being Categorised Into 5 Stages But Not Everyone Of Them is Able To Reach To All the Categories . Maximum Of Them Get Stuck At the 3rd Stage .

The question Arises is Why They are not able To Reach Through The Higher Stages . Are They Inexperienced In Love , Or They Might Go Into a Relationship By Lust Which Is A Trend For Young Lads Nowadays But Kudos To Them Who Walk Together Through All The Stages.

Let’s Go Through All The 5 Stages Of Love and Make Sure You Read All Five Stages !!

1) Stage 1 – Falling In Love

The First Stage  is To Fall In Love Or I Can Say You Get Attracted By Each Other And You Gave It The Name Of Love and Start Believeing That Love is Forever. You Also Start Thinking this Is The Best Time You Have Ever Lived But You Must make Sure Wait, look before you leap! Don’t fall head over heels in love.

2) Stage 2 – You Make A Couple

At This Stage , Your Love For Each Other Gets Deep . You Also Cherish And Appreciate Each Other For Everything. You Also Acknowledge Each Other For Making The Decision Of Getting Into Relationship and Being Together. Everything Seems To be Right At This Stage .


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