10 Extremely Strange Things You Have Never Seen Or Imagined Before!

1.Spotted Lake, a sacred place of healing Spotted Lake is a salty internal drainage water body (endorheic) alkali water body situated in British Columbia, Canada. The lake is very rich in sodium sulphate, calcium, magnesium sulphate etc.     2.Sea of stars, glowing blue waves The wave on the beach has a blue shine that

MEN Will Be MEN !! Must watch Video For Everyone !!

Men Are Often Mistaken and Misunderstood For Their Deeds But This Doesn't Define What Men Really Are. Society always Think Whenever Someone Is In a Relationship - It Means That The Boy Has Influenced Girl By Wrong Means and Has Came In Relationship Just For Sex and To Misuse Girl But

14 Things That Will Make You Miss Your School And Friends Like Hell!

We all miss our school days and friends. Recalling those days is bliss. Those carefree days we enjoyed won’t return but remembering them we relive those moments again. 1.Shoes were always important to us and yes having a picture of a collective shoe was even more important. 2.Slam books and diaries! Those