9. Rivets on your jeans

These metal holes on your jeans must still be unnoticed by many of you. They serve a vital purpose. They are placed in those areas of the jeans that are prone to be pulled apart by strain or movement. They reinforce stress points of the jeans that tend to tear apart.

10. The mysterious keyboard

Noticed those small raised lines on the F and J keys of your keyboard? Yes, it does have a purpose. It helps you to find the home keys when you are typing away.


11. Caps

The small piece of plastic inside soda bottle cap plays the role of an extra sealant and keeps the liquid and carbonation in.

12. Gauges

While driving your car, the arrow by the gas gauge shows you that which side the tank is on.

13. Bump at the end of your laptop charger

The bump at the end of your laptop charger is not only for looks, but it also helps to prevent interference in the cable

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