While working on the laptop, have you ever noticed that bump at the end of your laptop charger? And, do you remember the blue and red coloured eraser that we used as kids? We always thought that the blue part of it was used to erase the portion written with a pen. Didn’t we? But when we did so, it didn’t rub the inked portion. Ever wondered why? I know, by this time you are all set to just Google these things and find out the reason. Yeah?

But wait, here are a few more things that we all use in our everyday routine that has some cleverly hidden features. Wanna find them out?

1. Bottle Indents

We have often seen a bottle indent on a wine bottle. Yeah? The scientific reason for that is to keep the pressure even when the bottle is corked. The rule is; higher the pressure, deeper the indent.

2. That small iPhone hole

3. Those charger hooks

You must have encountered those small white hooks on your Apple charger. They are not ‘useless’, rather make the task of wrapping up the cable very easy.
4. And the Bobby pins

Girls used to love these different pins to keep the hair intact, but probably they used it wrong. The crinkled side that you see in the pins are meant to be at the bottom that helps in keeping the pin in place for a long time.

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