Trolls are made for fun or generally causing trouble by posting comments, videos, photos or GIF. Well there is nothing you can do about this. Right?

Trolls have a tendency to go viral immediately regarding offensive content. For fun basis, here is 11 pictures that can prove that these internet trolls have no mercy on anyone. Trolls tend to thrive in any environment where it can seek more to more people and make public comments. Well, let’s look at some hilarious trolls :

1. Levelling With Best Friend

This troll gave whole new meaning to “shoulder-length hair”. Well without feeling offensive, this is rather funny to look at. At least she has got nice arm-pit hairs.

2. ‘James Fridman’- Lol-Troll

As many of peeps already know ‘James Fridman’, he is a professional internet troll. Anyone who asks to Photoshop or touch-up of photos, exactly this will happen to you. Beware of this devil-like man!

3. Another One From- ‘James Fridman’

Yes! this will happen to you if you ask for Fridman’s help. Moreover, he can Photoshop your groin also for the sake of getting trolled. So, think twice before asking for advice specially his. Asking for Fridman’s help is like walking to lion’s cage and asking him to kill you, agree?

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