Let’s be honest, no girl wanna date a cheater Boyfriend but, we often fail to recognize our beloved boyfriend’s shady liar face. But, if we start following this rule in our life, I don’t think and care, we will ever have to cry for the rest of our whole life. After all, the sooner the better.

There are some beautiful, brilliant, sweet and innocent boys waiting out there to sweep you off your feet. Let’s find out what kinda guys you should skip while you’re out there hunting your coming date.

1. Guys with their age ending with the digit 9

Boyfriend cheating, Cheating in Love


Beware, if you are going to date a man who’s about to turn 29.

2. Tall boys tend to cheat more

boyfriend cheating, Cheat in love


A study from IllicitEncounters which is a renowned extra-marital dating site says, those guys with a height of 5’10” or above cheat more on their partners.

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