If you’re a guy, you understand that it’s miles both exciting and intricate to have an erection. On occasion, you are within the mood to definitely have one, but there are erections that you truly do no longer need to have at that genuine second. Perhaps you’re in magnificence, at paintings, or you’re nevertheless having dinner with the circle of relatives.
But how plenty do you virtually understand approximately the penis and your erection? Study on!

1. You actually have erections inside the womb.


Yes, this means that your first erection did not happen when you were just 5 years old. Specifically, your erection could start as early as during the third trimester.


2. You can have an ejaculation even if you are not erect.


This might sound unbelievable, but it is totally possible. One of the proven ways to achieve this is by wearing super tight pants, or having an electrostimulation, or if you decide to stimulate your prostate.

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