7.Zero messages on social media

Who doesn’t have an account on social networking sites these days but only having an account is not enough, you need to interact with people and send messages which are an important rule of flirting. They don’t know how to use their sense of humor to attract people and be cute the same time.


8.Half smile

These people are so afraid of flirting that they give half smiles to people which depict the stroke they go through at times.

9.Cute giggle

The major problem faced by people who can’t flirt is that they don’t know how to control their laughter. They want to cutely giggle and laugh in front of their crush but unfortunately, it turns out to be an ugly laughter.

10.Need somebody’s advice every time

They always run to their friends to seek advice before taking a girl to a date so that they can impress her by their humor and flirting skills. These people even get worried on a date! Pity on them!!

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