Healthy flirting is good for health. It requires confidence as it’s not an easy task. But few people find this a difficult job! Flirting requires a lot of skills and girls like boys who can do it and impress them. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, some lack these skills and it’s difficult for them to impress girls.


1.No expressions

To make the flirting skills stronger, expressions are very important. The problem with these people who can’t flirt is that they don’t know how to react which makes them look like they are in pain rather than flirting.

2.Can’t face flirty people

When people with good skills of flirting come in front of them or when they have to face people with stronger skills of flirting, they panic! They try to hide from these people just because they are weak in it.

3.How to start conversation

These people generally don’t know how they should start a conversation with someone especially girls and always end up making the fool of themselves by asking them about their career, hobbies. Likes and dislikes, etc.

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