Maximum people observe relationships in the equal manner we did ten years in the past, with a infantile simplicity and an easygoing mindset. Matters are not that easy for an entire lot of different humans but. Issues starting from the popularity of girls in society to crippling disability is some thing numerous human beings have to face. No matter that, these couples did not simply locate love, they made it work for them and are an concept for us.

1. She was a victim of acid attack. She had given up on love, but love never gave up on her.
Laxmi, who was severely disfigured in an acid attack from a jealous ex boyfriend, had given up on really finding someone to love. The social activist and all around braveheart found love though, 2 years later with Alok. They live together and defy social standards by not getting married. She’s a fighter, and he seems like a genuinely good person.



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