A passionate school lad always desired to try his luck in fashion and designing. He was inspired by Hollywood movies. He went at Baruch College but decided to leave it. That decision ended up by his joining in US Army.

As his tenure was over in Army, he started selling his designs in the retail market. He tried his luck in designing neckties and shortly opened a store. Soon, he had enough amounts to start his own brand. His whole income is $7 Billion.

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The world’s biggest innovator left all his appreciators in 2011. He was the one who brought revolution to the technological industry. He was the creator of Apple. He also started his journey at a young age and he saw many ups and downs in his life. In spite all odds he proved his potential to the world.
He joined Reed College in Oregon but left it as his parents were not able to afford the tuition fee. He was keen to learn so he sneaked in classes and soon started a venture with Wozniak to create most successful computers of the world, Apple. His total income was $8.3 Billion.

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An intelligent lad who was at grade school, but he tried to join high school. Dell tried to take high school equivalency test so he could get enrolled in diploma. It was a long process; even he was more interested in computers. He got his first computer at the age of 15 to check how it works.
He was first to take used computers, refurbishing those computers to sell it to consumers directly. He broke the middle man scenario. He got success and reformed his business. His total income is $15.3 Billion.

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